What is Coba T-shirts?

We are a print-on-demand company that offers high-quality t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, tote bags, and many more products with custom designs. You can choose from our wide range of designs or upload your own to create unique and personalized products.

How does print-on-demand work?

Print-on-demand means that we only print and ship your products when you order them. This way, we avoid waste and overstock, and we can offer you more variety and flexibility. You can order as many or as few products as you want, and we will deliver them to you in a timely manner.

What are the benefits of print-on-demand?

Print-on-demand has many benefits for both customers and sellers. Some of them are: - You can create your own products with your own designs, logos, slogans, etc. - You can access a large catalog of products and designs without having to invest in inventory or storage space. - You can save money on production and shipping costs, as you only pay for what you sell. - You can reduce your environmental impact, as you avoid waste and emissions from mass production and transportation.

What printing methods do you use?

We use different printing methods depending on the product and the design. Some of the most common ones are: - DTF (Direct to Film): This method uses a special film that transfers the design onto the fabric using heat and pressure. It produces vibrant colors and high-resolution images that last long and feel soft on the skin. - DTG (Direct to Garment): This method uses a printer that applies ink directly onto the fabric. It allows for more detail and color variation than other methods, and it works well on cotton and cotton-blend fabrics. - Sublimation: This method uses heat to transfer dye onto synthetic fabrics. It creates durable and fade-resistant prints that cover the entire surface of the product. It is ideal for printing on curved or irregular shapes. Screen Printing: This method uses a screen mesh and plastisol-based inks to press the design onto the fabric. It produces crisp and opaque images that can withstand multiple washes. It is ideal for high-volume orders and simple designs with few colors. Embroidery: This method uses a needle and thread to stitch the design onto the fabric. It produces textured and elegant images that add value to the garment. It is ideal for logos, monograms, and small details. Vinyl: This method uses a vinyl cutter to cut out the design from a sheet of vinyl material. The design is then transferred onto the fabric using heat and pressure. It produces smooth and glossy images that are suitable for outdoor use. It is ideal for lettering, numbers, and shapes.